First, GRADUATE…Next, NAVY: Senior Kyle Jackson


Alex Herman, reporter

“In life you got to take risks, not every decision has a clear outcome, so sometimes you just got to send it.”– Senior, Kyle Jackson

Q: Tell us about yourself! What are some of your favorite hobbies??

A: My hobbies include swimming, hiking, and playing video games. I also like being funny and making people laugh.

Q: How long have you been attending Sahuaro?

Kyle with his classmates

A: I’ve been at Sahuaro for the whole 4 years.

Q: How would you say your experience has been at Sahuaro for those 4 years?

A: It was a great experience other than this year.

Q: What’s your favorite memory at Sahuaro?

A: My favorite memory would probably have to be going to state for the swim team.

Q: Has this last year been tough or easy for you and how? If it’s been tough, how did you get through it?

A: This year has been kinda tough to get the motivation but other than the lack of motivation it was pretty easy.

Q: I heard you’re planning to go into the Navy after graduating, what’s that process like and how has it been for you?

A: I have been working out more and getting into shape for boot camp as well and I have been studying for boot camp.

Follow-up question: With boot camp, do you know exactly how your boot camp training will work? And the material you will be doing?

A: Well there is a physical test and knowledge test that I have to pass so I will be running, doing push-ups, pull-ups, other physical things, and some little studying and it lasts 8 weeks.

Senior, Kyle Jackson on the right

Q: What are your hopes when you join the Navy?

A: I hope to get a good job and set myself up to begin building a future.

Q: What inspired you to want to join the Navy?

A: I wanted to join the Navy because I wanted the life experiences.

Q: What advice would you give to any senior either considering or also planning to join the Navy or any other unit?

A: Respect your superiors, be responsible, and do the right thing.

Q: Leaving off, do you have any goodbye wishes and/or quotes that you would give to the future Sahuaro students and seniors?

A: In life, you got to take risks, not every decision has a clear outcome, so sometimes you just got to send it.