Photography Club – Make Art Through a Lens

Kasia Jackson, Reporter

“You do not need to have a great camera to be a photographer,” said Mrs. Olstad, the teacher in charge of photography club. Mrs. Olstad has been in charge of this club for 8 years, this 2021-2022 school year will make it her 9th.

There are a few first-time joiners in the photography club. Students’ reasons for joining vary. “I like taking pictures and editing them,” said Maria Dominguez.  Another student, Ayanna Norris, chimed in, “Me too!”

“Everyone wants to take pictures of the popular kids, but what about everyone else? I want to take pictures of the audience at the games, small groups of people…the things people don’t see too often,” said Anthony Flores.

Kasia Jackson

Photography is an art and it should be treated as such. In other forms of art, you can interpret the artist’s work by what they put on paper, canvas, or how they act on stage. With photography, you can look exactly through their camera lens and see what they have seen, appreciate the beauty they saw, with it all being captured in an image. Something Mrs. Olstad wants her students to know about photography is that you need to, “learn the rules to break the rules.”  A photographer that she likes and inspires her is Alex Cuarezma, Mrs. Olstad appreciates the way he incorporates lighting in his photos. Her favorite type of photography is sports photography and landscape.

This club is not just about taking pictures, there will be field trips, chances to compete at Skills USA, and learn quality techniques from professionals. Students will also be a part of fundraising and volunteer activities. There will be an animal rescue photoshoot that students can participate in too.

If interested, the photography club is meeting every other Monday starting August 30th, after school in room 308. Be there and picture us together!