Halloween Lunch-in Brings Cougars Closer


Paula Le

Student Council and Ex Ed eating lunch together.

Paula Le, Editor

You’re probably wondering, since when did Sahuaro have a Halloween lunch-in? Well, to be honest, I didn’t know about it either until this year. From what I learned, the Halloween lunch-in has a heartwarming cause behind it.

Cesia Salazar, Junior class President, is in charge of the lunch-in this year. The Halloween Lunch-in is a time where Stuco and the Ex Ed kids get the opportunity to build a relationship. According to her, the idea came to be from previous graduated classes. “I remember it being a time for the exceptional students and Student Council students to connect and grow a bond with each other, get to know them, make them feel more comfortable, and feel more accepted.” Cesia wishes to continue to do this tradition when she is a senior as well. This would be a way for Student Council to appreciate them for who they are and have a great time with them.

Stuco and Ex-Ed playing a Halloween themed Kahoot game.

On October 29th, Stuco dressed up in costumes. “We bring Halloween practically to them on the day before Halloween. We would watch movies, listen to music, eat lunch, and decorate the room in a Halloween theme,” Cesia expresses.

Prior to eating lunch together, everyone played Kahoot that was Halloween trivia. All the students sit at tables together to talk and get to know one another just like friends.

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