Senior Spotlight – MiaBella Sainz

She’s onto big things.

MiaBella on the field.

MiaBella Sainz

MiaBella on the field.

Sierra Ayers, Reporter

Doing sports as a student in high school can be especially difficult when you want to maintain those straight A’s. Though many try, it can be hard to be involved in sports and extracurriculars, all while maintaining an honors student lifestyle.

Senior MiaBella Sainz has done it all. While being a full-time student, MiaBella spends the rest of her time dedicated to the field. As a high school senior by day and professional goalkeeper by night, Mia takes every day in stride.

Everyone has to focus on school and hustle over other things, but what sets MiaBella apart? Well, not only is MiaBella in the top 1% in her class rank, teetering on the spot of valedictorian, but she is also a renowned soccer superstar. Mia has devoted over 13 years of her life to soccer and proudly continues even to this day.

Mia in the zone during a pass. (MiaBella Sainz)

She said, “I tried basketball, track, gymnastics, tap, and ballet but I never felt the same way about them as I did soccer.”

While being the goalkeeper was not her original position, she fell into the position due to her dad (her former coach) putting her in. Over the years she began to adjust to the position and after an incident with their other goalkeeper, she began her life as a permanent goalkeeper for her team.

She says, “I like to play both club and high school soccer because they both have very different atmospheres.”

She is able to do both seasons as they happen during different times and loves the sport so much that she opts to do it around the clock.

In her free time, she enjoys soccer (even outside of the season), penny boarding/longboarding, playing with her dogs, and occasionally reading. Despite her packed schedule, she still finds time to enjoy her favorite hobbies.

As a treasured part of Sahuaro’s Student Council as well, MiaBella takes on incredible responsibility to help keep the school exciting and functioning. She is the current Student Body Treasurer and has been involved for around 5 years in total.

One of her current tasks as of late is making sure the Blood Drive goes smoothly. The Blood Drive is taking place on Thursday, November 18th during school hours. Check out Sahuaro’s Student Council Instagram @sahuaro.stuco to find out the requirements and steps needed to participate.

Although she is not quite sure where she wants to attend college, she does know that she wants to pursue a major in Exercise Science or Kinesiology. No matter where she goes though, we know she will succeed and do what she loves!