The Secret Life of A-Not-So-Average Sahuaro Student


Dallas Castenada, Contributor

“I am not a weird band kid,” says Alexander Terrazas Rodriguez who is a sophomore at Sahuaro High School. He has played the saxophone in Band since he was in 5th grade and has fallen in love with making and playing music on it. Up until recently, due to Covid, he would play it for everyone including at his parties, even purchasing one with his own he saved up. Although he seems like he would not be a very intimidating person due to being in Band, when he steps onto the football field he turns into a whole other person. Alex hides a lot behind his very easy-going and nice attitude but in reality, he is a very intimidating person. 

Alex, when he steps onto the football field, turns into one of the hardest runners and players that we have on the team. In our games, he always seems to break away on these huge runs and break tackles. He is a great player but along with being a good player, he is an awesome student with a 4.0 GPA with an honors class and an AP class. He always makes sure to get his work in on time and never misses a practice or an assignment, making him very reliable. Even with all he has to deal with, he always pushes through and continues his journey into his dream of going to college.  

During our most recent football game, Alex had a career-high 100 rushing yards with 2 touchdowns as well. He always finds open gaps and holes to run through, making him a great running back.  With the power he runs with, it makes him hard to tackle. He sometimes trips, but when he does, he always tries to get as many yards as he can. He also plays middle linebacker where he usually gets his tackles and misses them very rarely. He always helps his teammates whether it is on the field or off, making him a great captain to have out there.  

While Alex has a busy schedule, he still always makes time for his friends and things he loves to do. He has two dogs named Chooki and Lola and he hangs out with them when he can.  But according to his own words, “I love Chooki but sometimes he kind of stinks.” He loves to play with his band that he is in called 17 Seconds to Your Mom’s House where he is one of the lead musicians. Then, he goes to the Clements Center for a game of pick-up basketball and usually wins. He keeps his sanity through it all, making sure to put his school time aside for when he wants to have time to himself,  creating balance.