Taco Bout the Best Tacos


Jenifer Urzua, Reporter

Tacos tend to be traditional and homemade. Some of the best taco places here in Tucson are Tacos Aspon, Tacos El Amigo, El Chino de Oro, and El Guero Canelo. I am a taco connoisseur, so I am an expert on taco locations that hit. the. spot. 

Tacos Aspon

Tacos Aspon has amazing tacos. They have tons of selections, and each taco is around $3. They also have burritos and many other meal options. If you are a little worried about handing in cash or prefer contactless payment, then this place is perfect for you. They accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

For tacos, I would recommend the carne asada. They are beyond delicious! They have seating outdoors with music playing.

They offer tons of salsas, as well as onions, limes, and cabbage. The salsas here were a little watery and they didn’t have much of a flavor, but the lime and onions are essential. You can find all of the salsas outside, and there is a salsa bar set up. You can get your order within a few minutes, great staff.

Tacos El Amigo

One of my top 3 is El Amigo. This is a food carreta (truck). The jefe/ owner always welcomes customers with a great smile and an astonishing attitude. The tacos here didn’t disappoint, and they have Cabeza, al pastor, Carne Asada, and pollo asado; I tried all four dishes. All 4 were outstanding. The last time I went they had a special which was $8 for 4 tacos, beans, rice, and a Coke! The beans were superior, and the rice was perfectly soft and tender with a great spice of tomato. 

Absolutely mouth-watering. This is a hardworking family that makes outstanding food. Not only do they have tacos, but they have Sonoran hot dogs which cannot beat the tortas, This dish is beyond delicious as well as the cheesy quesadillas. The service is great; unfortunately, they only accept cash. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this place.

El Chivo de Oro

I. love. the. food. here. My favorites are the Cabeza tacos and the Sonoran hot dogs, which come in a toasted bun that gets the best of me. I often order the birria and carne asada tacos. Tortillas here are hechas a mano (hand-made tortillas). It was amazing! They have a very friendly staff that’s bilingual which can be convenient for many incomers. The red salsa was delicious as well.   

El Guero Canelo

Authentic and appetizing! I truly love the pollo asado tacos. My favorite thing about this place is their salsas. They have an amazing pico de gallo and green salsa. This is a great place to take your family any day of the week. Mexican music is played in the restaurant to set the mood. The cucumbers here are extra yummy and refreshing.

Lastly, my all-time favorite is El Gordo. These tacos are the best, and the taste is to die for. Sad to say they don’t have a location in Tucson, but they do have one in Las Vegas. These tacos are great, especially when getting them with everything.