Raquel Martinez: Senior Spotlight


Raquel at age 4.

Senior year is always a whirlwind of excitement, fear, and reminiscing for all students with one last year before moving on with their life. For senior Raquel Martinez though, her final year of high school is packed with activities and commitments.

Born in Riverside, California but raised in Tucson, Raquel has had her fair share of change. She has moved around so much, attending so many different schools that she says, “I feel like I’ve lived on every street in Tucson!”

She enjoys running, cooking, listening to music, watching forensic files, working on things for Student Council, and even loves the thrill of roller coasters, heights, and skydiving.

She is genuinely one of the kindest and most helpful people you could come across. She always puts her all into her work and makes sure others enjoy everything to the fullest. She mentioned the way her parents raised her to push her limits and achieve even the biggest of dreams. She says, “I’ve been taught very young to be humble and always work as hard as you can. Seeing my parents working every day to raise us comfortably has inspired me to be great. They’ve been pushing me to go farther than they have and I’m about to achieve something really big they couldn’t, graduating high school!”

She is also an incredibly dedicated student. Despite it being senior year, she puts her absolute all into her responsibilities. Not only is she a part of Sahuaro’s own Student Council, as the Senior Class President, but she has taken part in National Honors Society, RYLA, Interact Club, Pima Counties Prevention Program, and El Rios Food Bank, where she goes out every month to help feed families in Tucson. Among all of these clubs and activities, Raquel is also a Hostess at Texas Roadhouse.

“Juggling my work, school, and home life have been a challenge, but I’ve managed to balance it all out and keep myself from being stressed. I do this by literally planning everything out, keeping lists, setting reminders, and exercising to take mental breaks,” she says when asked just how she handles her daily packed schedule.

She joined Student Council 2 years ago saying, “I decided to join to try and give the class of 22’ an exciting last year of high school since we were robbed of our Junior and part of Sophomore year. It’s been hard to get Senior activities approved by the district due to Covid but I have lots planned for our last semester, it should be a very busy and fun next 5 months!”

Her Student Council commitment is one of the biggest focuses for her. Being senior class president comes with its own share of hard work. Raquel has made many of the posters you see littered around campus and spends hours of time making our senior year the best she can for everyone.

As all seniors do, Raquel has been debating just what her future will look like. With a set mind, she describes how although she doesn’t know exactly what college she plans to attend, she does know that she was to become a homicide detective. She wants to major in forensic science and criminology to achieve that career, debating on attending either the U of A or Oregon State. She has big hopes and dreams and will do anything she can to achieve them.

Feel free to say hi or ask her any questions you might have regarding the activities this coming year!