The Pain of Traditional Braces


Ben Robinson, Reporter

So, you want your teeth to be straight? Do you want to fix your smile? Well, there are a few struggles that go along with traditional braces…

Many doctors and dentists recommend children, teenagers, and sometimes adults get braces, and there are many reasons you should try to fix your smile. However, the sacrifices you need to make may not be worth the reward.

With traditional braces, you basically get a mouthful of metal…brackets and wires all piled up inside your mouth and around your teeth, which can definitely take a while to get used to. There are also other painful problems such as extra pieces of metal cutting the inside of your mouth, aphthous ulcers more commonly known as canker sores from tension and friction, as well as extreme soreness from your teeth literally being pushed and pulled around in your mouth. The soreness is a different kind of pain, it’s constant and terribly dreadful, never letting up and gets worse with additions such as rubber bands, chains, expanders, and more of the same likeness.

Some annoyances that go along with braces can include an apparent breach of freedom. By this I mean, you can’t eat everything you want anymore… You have to stay away from foods such as popcorn, nuts, apples and crunchy fruits, and really any food that is very crunchy, chewy, or sticky. Another annoying thing is that it is incredibly difficult to floss your teeth. To do so would mean to stick the floss between each and every bracket and wire, which can take a very long time.

To make matters even worse, the minimum amount of time a teenager usually has to deal with the pain of traditional braces is up to 2 years. Many times, if not properly taken care of and constantly obeying doctors unabiding and hard to follow rules, it could take many more months or possibly years.

Another entirely different problem is the cost… Traditional braces can have prices between 3,000 and 7,000 dollars, usually on the higher side. This problem alone can deter some from braces.

With all that said, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get braces. Braces have been around for over 300 years and the science behind it is sound, so it will fix your teeth. While it may be painful, you may regret if you choose not to get braces. It will improve your bite, align your teeth, fix spacing issues, correct crowding of your teeth, and other health and aesthetic benefits. Getting braces and fixing your smile can also improve confidence. It is said that when you have a beautiful smile your self-esteem can be higher. Although it may not remedy all your problems, it will help you feel better about your smile. So maybe, just maybe… the reward is worth the pain and suffering.