Serenity Garcia: Future Game Designer


Kasia Jackson, Editor

Serenity Garcia, senior, has a passion for playing video games and creating art. She describes herself as a happy person, who likes to joke around a lot and is creative.

She aspires to become a video game designer as a future career. Her fascination with becoming a video game designer just came from the love she has for video games. One of her favorite video game designers is Toby Fox. Some of her favorite games are Minecraft and The Darkest Fairy, “The Darkest Fairy isn’t a very popular game,” Serenity said. This was a game she started playing around the time she was in elementary school. She is a “big fan of Minecraft.” She adores the creative freedom one has with building in the program. She uses the Minecraft software to replicate other game worlds. For instance, she replicated the build of the 5 Nights at Freddy’s. Serenity plans to go to UAT (University of Advancing Technology), to take a video game designing course.

There are a few prerequisites needed to become a video game designer, mostly a degree in graphic design or computer science. After graduating from UTA she plans  on “starting my own company with a few friends.” The video game she would like to create is a cross-platform game that can have the ability to switch between characters. Good luck to Serenity and her future career!


Recreation of DantDMLab

Serenity’s art