How to Finish off the School Year Strong!


Ben Robinson, Reporter

With the last few weeks of the 2021-2022 school year quickly approaching, that last day of the school year is clearly inevitable. However… many students are definitely getting antsy and anxious which can cause quite a bit of chaos. With things like water guns and balloons, people are trying to get through the rest of the year by fooling around and having fun. While things like that may be fun for some, for others who may be aiming to finish the year quietly and productively, it may be distracting. So here are some ways that you can finish off the year energetically and with a bit of enthusiasm.

The most important thing you need to have in order to finish the school year well is a good attitude. A great attitude means that you are optimistic, enthusiastic, and positive. Now, a positive attitude is definitely something your parents probably tell you to have all the time… but it’s especially important if you want to do well in school in general, but particularly in these last few weeks. It will help you to keep those good grades, or maybe bump them up a little if they aren’t quite how you’d like them.

If you are falling behind on a few things and you want to catch up, the best way to do this is to make plans. Planning and setting goals are so important when you want to get things done effectively and efficiently. It can also help to motivate you, when you set out to achieve a goal, it can be so satisfying when you actually accomplish that goal. That’s why making plans and setting goals are so effective.

If you’re one of the kids who has gotten through this year so far, (which is almost everyone) then what is the point of giving up now? Look back at what you’ve accomplished this year and DON’T give up!

Try not to get distracted by the kids who don’t care about their learning. Some people have totally lost focus on the learning aspect of school. If you’re at all like me, these last few weeks you’re just going to try to keep your head down and try your best to listen to your teachers, finish up the last few assignments, and get the good grades you deserve for the year. I’m not saying it won’t be difficult, because I too am getting a little lackadaisical and honestly a bit lethargic; we just need to keep trying our best and get through these last few days.

We got this! Keep going, keep trying, and don’t give up!