Senior Shout-Outs to Sahuaro Staff

Senior Shout-Outs to Sahuaro Staff

To: Mr. Barany
From: Ceanna Esquibel
You’ve always believed in me and helped me believe in myself. Thank you for everything!

To: Mr. Chandler and Ms. Good
From: Jayvion Jackson
I love you.

To: Coach Kru
From: Milee Kamell
Thank you for being an amazing coach and for supporting me on and off the field.

To: Krew/Click
From: Alex Cook
I still have 3 months to beat you, “Officially”.

To: Coach Al (Alan Smith)
From: Alexya Amezcua
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me throughout high school. You’re the best! BTW DC is better than Marvel 🙂

To: Mr. Christian
From: Vincent Hardy
Super Awesome teacher, helpful, patient, and fun!

To: Ms. Barnes
From: Adiana Gauardo
Thank you so much for 4 years full of new experiences, laughs, and love. You have helped me through a ton and I appreciate you in every way possible and I’m going to miss you incredibly, but I will most definitely come to visit.

To: Reece LeResch
From: Nykoles Akin-Keil
My favorite teacher ever, down to earth and always funny. Keep being you.

To: Mr. Marrs
From: Bryan Zarabia-Zamoran
The reason I came here was because of Mr. Marrs and I don’t regret the decision. His class always made my day and helped me become who I am today. Thank you Mr. Marrs for making high school better than it ever could’ve been.

To: Ryan Smith
From: Gennavive Polston
Thank you for being there and being such an amazing teacher! I will forever remember you! Love you Forever.

To: Ms. Good and Mrs. Rodriguez
From: Breanna Aniza
Ms. Good and Mrs. Rodriguez, the two teachers who have shaped me most and helped me through many times. I’m not sure how I would’ve made it out without you two, I truly cherish you both.

To: Mr. Rutherford
From: Krystal Orehek
My fave since I was a Freshie. Your classes have always been a part of my day I look forward to and I’ll miss your swagness, litness, and slayful energy.

To: Mr. Christian
From: Joel Vakatalva
Thanks for helping me out throughout the years and watching me grow from freshman to senior.

To: Mrs. Stedman
From: Jonathan Rodriguez
Thank you Mrs. Stedman for being by my side for all four years of high school and teaching me life lessons.

To: David Kruszewski
From: Destiny Cappitt
He pushed me to be the best version of myself and made me feel excited to play badminton, he is the best.

To: Coach Wharam
From: Kaylee Cole
Coach Wharam made me love playing in high school. He is an amazing coach and teacher. He always pushed you to be the best you. He was a huge part in my high school experience. Thank you Coach Wharam.

To: Mrs. Strong
From: Adrian Marciez
She is one of my favorite teachers. She has provided me with lots of opportunities and experiences. She is very accepting and loving. I am proud to be one of her students.

To: Mr. Rogers
From: David Campa
Real one.

To: Coach Jim Henry
From: Jayden Simmons
You the goat.

To: Coach Henry
From: Andrew Mccumber (AJ)
You a real one coach.

To: Ms. Good
From: Breyonna Bell
I didn’t have her class this year, but I had her last year and she has always been so positive and supportive. She deserves to be acknowledged.

To: Mr. Ryan Smith
From: Myla Cavanaugh
Not only is he an amazing teacher, he bonds with any and all students. Advice and conversations, I will always remember and use.

To: Ms. Krause
From: Kailene Figueroa
Since junior year, you’ve been able to help me so much academically and when I reach my life goals, it will always be a thank you to you!