What’s Up “Everytime” with Neo Watson


Nehemiah Watson, better known as Neo Watson, is someone we all know  – whether you’re an early freshman or a late senior, we all know Neo. And if you don’t, let me help you.  He is the tall giant walking down the hallways with a huge smile on his face – the most friendly person by far. So nice I think it’s rare, to find people as friendly as Neo honestly. As I interviewed him one of the things I asked was what it takes to get like Neo and all I got was, “It takes a lot honestly, you feel me”

But I of course had to dig deep and dig out the details so for everyone looking for Neo tips listen up. He elaborated that it takes leadership, pride, skill, and  Good hair emphasis on Good hair. And honestly, I can’t disagree when you see him first thing your gonna notice is his freshly combed fro with a pick sticking out and no one does the small Afro better than Neo Except maybe me. And his passion – say it with me everyone – FOOTBALL.  You can’t mention Neo without mentioning the sport he has been playing since 5 years old – with his first team The Scorpions. He now plays with the Sahuaro Cougars and has been for the past 3 years. This year as a senior he is super excited to start in the game, but recently he got injured; he hurt his shoulder and couldn’t practice for a while, but don’t worry he will be able to play in the first game this week because who is Neo if he can’t play football??

I asked him how he sees himself in the future and he said: “That’s something I haven’t even asked myself but I don’t think ima go to college foreal.” And then after I explained to him that if he’s gonna go to college for football, he has to still take classes he said, “Alright then I’d rather major in engineering or sports med and play football because in the end I’m still on the field watching football, even if something was to happen it’s football.” One thing we can’t ignore about Neo is his love for football – the sport obviously has his heart. Along with the most important people in his life – his family.  He is described as a big family person by those around him and his coaches that help him reach his best and are there for him. He also treasures his girlfriend, Cymona, who has been supporting him by his side for a while now. Nehemiah Watson is a selfless, dedicated, and awesome friend. I was honored to write this article on him. And if you are reading this article, I hope you too wish to have a friend that’s a lot like Neo.