He Goes For The Homerun: Yaxel Ledezma


Neela Luna, Reporter

Yaxel Ledezma is a freshman at Sahuaro and plays for Sahuaro’s baseball team. He has been playing baseball for a total of 12 years, starting when he was 3 years old and at the age of 5, his passion for baseball was already solidified. He has big dreams of continuing his baseball career. When being asked what he wants to be known for he says: ” I want to be known as a kind-hearted person and a great baseball player.” True to his aspirations, Yaxel is known for his kind heart and people skills. He is someone who puts others’ needs before his own and is always looking out for his family.

Yazel is also a very outgoing person and loves to dance. Anywhere and everywhere he goes, he is dancing. He looks up to his dad the most saying, “My dad taught me the game when nobody was there to teach me.” His father came from not knowing how to play baseball to being a really good player and hopes to pass it on to Yaxel. “Baseball is my happy place, when I’m on the field I feel alive.” He loves to be on the field, working hard to achieve his dreams. Even though it may not be the easiest, he still pushes himself to the fullest.

He wants people to approve of him and his abilities and recognize how good he really can be. With baseball and his education, he tries to manage his time evenly. He practices almost every day of the week and is still able to maintain good grades.  On the days he doesn’t have practice, he focuses on his school work.  He says he is dedicated to his career and his education. Later on, in the future he wants to go pro in baseball, hopefully playing for the Diamond Backs – that has been his biggest dream.

When asked who impacted his life he said, “My best friend Neela.  She has helped me through some of my most hardest times and to this day still does.” Yaxel wants to become one of the greatest baseball players of time, and he wants to make his friends and family proud along the way.