Gracing Sahuaro’s Halls With Style: Madison Basteen


Taelyn Nordbrock, Reporter

Madison “Madie” Basteen, a freshman, is a volleyball player for Sahuaro and hopes to play softball for them as well. In her free time, she loves to draw and play sports. Right now she’s been working on her skateboarding so that she can skate with her boyfriend. She loves to dye her hair and style it. You can catch her with some fantastic makeup looks and she loves fashion and styling, so she’s always got amazing outfits for school. Her favorite color is emerald green and she incorporates it in a lot of her outfits.

You will always see Madison with someone, she’s never alone and she’s always with a big group of people whenever she’s in school. She would love to travel the world while she’s young and then continue her dream of becoming an esthetician and settling for a family when she’s ready. Madison would love to travel to Italy, Bora Bora, and then Japan; she wants to visit there in the fall. For many different reasons, Madison would be an amazing esthetician, she’s always working on new makeup looks or styling. She’d love to make her own business of doing people’s eyebrows.

One thing about her is you definitely can’t have the orange juice against apple juice fight with her; she will always choose orange juice. She also loves Dr. Pepper, Arizona Iced Tea, and energy drinks. She loves chicken or shrimp Alfredo and tamales, so if you need to win her heart over make her one of those. Madie is a very loving and caring person, as long as you get on her good side, she is a great friend.