Will the Library Be Re-opening at Lunch?


Aiden Miller, Reporter

A library is a useful place where you can read about what you need and study the subjects you are struggling with, but what’s the deal with the time when it’s open and closed? I know most of us don’t like to study with long hours and boring reading, but for those of us who do like it, and those that have to at Sahuaro, a library is a good option with a wide selection of books from informational to pure enjoyment, but the library isn’t open for all the time we have free, though that is on its way to being fixed. Usually, the hours are from the start of school to when it ends. The problem is we can’t go during lunch, but Mrs. Krieg is working to fix that so we can go there during lunch to study or just hang out.

The motivation for opening the library is because usually, Ms. Krieg has it open during lunch, but this year since so many students would just hang out during lunch somewhere, they wanted to establish that the students are safe and they’re supposed to be in certain areas. That was the priority, but once the rules are well established and the students understand that they are working to open the library during lunch again, since the school was having issues with the students hanging around and not doing what they’re supposed to, one might still wonder if there are any concerns for problems. There are no projected issues, but it might be a little different from what students are used to, but to the freshman, it’ll just be what it is.  A thing being worked out is the process that they don’t have worked out yet and it’s why it’s being held off. The estimate for when it’ll be open is sometime in mid-September. The quote you might hear Ms. Krieg say, “Everyone is a reader some just haven’t found their favorite book yet.”