Esteves Jones: Football Freshman


Aiden Miller, Reporter

Who is Esteves Jones? He is a freshman here at Sahuaro who plays on the JV Football Team. Did you ever wonder what happened during football practices, considering how much practice goes into the sport?

Every day they start off with about 10 minutes of warm-ups, including stretching, practicing passes, and much more. After they finish with the warm-ups, everyone splits into different groups per their position on the team:  linemen with linemen, etc. After everyone is divided up, all offensive and defensive players get into their positions and scrimmage for about 20-30 minutes. Esteves would consider these practices to be difficult, but it’s something he loves to do, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Considering he is on the JV  Team, you might wonder if he has any plans to take it further than high school.  Esteves wants to take his football career to college football, an ambitious goal, but achievable for this talented and hardworking student-athlete.

When I asked for his opinion on his time spent here at Sahuaro, he replied, “It’s pretty cool here, and I enjoy getting to know a lot of people.”  He thinks the fact we get to meet new people of all different backgrounds daily is amazing.  On top of playing football and keeping his grades up, he is also one of the members of Student Council. When I asked him what it was like, he replied, “It’s fun. We get to approve fundraisers and we make posters, choose music for assemblies, as well as sell food and put together events for second lunch.”