Get to Know the Great Ms. Gallego


Anissa Garcia, Repoter

Ms. Gallego, is a new welcome addition to Sahuaro’s English department. She attended and graduated from Sahuaro, although she adamantly refused to divulge what year she graduated.  She was born in Tucson, Arizona at TMC, and is the oldest child; she has one younger sister. During her teaching career,  she taught at 2 middle schools: one was in Hawaii and the other middle school was at Booth Fickett. She enjoys teaching freshmen, although when they act as though they are still in middle school, it can be challenging for her to teach her lessons.

Although this year is her 11th year teaching, she only taught middle schoolers before this. She decided to start teaching high schoolers because she wanted to try something different and new this year. At her old schools, she mostly taught 8th graders, and occasionally 6th and 7th graders. Now she is teaching the underclassman at Sahuaro, 9th and 10th graders. According to her, the school changed quite a bit from her time spent here as a student. She said that the gym’s changed dramatically, and the campus overall looks much nicer and cleaner than before.

She lived in Hawaii for 3 years and came back to Tucson to teach at Booth Fickett. Her favorite sports are basketball, which she coached for years, and baseball and softball. Her favorite team for baseball is the Yankees and her favorite team for basketball is Arizona. Some interesting facts about her are that she goes to a lot of concerts and music festivals. She lived in Italy for 5 weeks and came back to Tucson.

On the occasions that she has free time, she enjoys reading different books, so much so that she’s even in a Book Club! When she has the time, she also enjoys going to Bookman’s and finding new and interesting books to read. Her favorite books are the ones in the Harry Potter series, her favorite movie is Twister, and she loves The Sandlot and The Goonies.

Her classroom is really inviting, with soft lighting and a little area where you can sit down and read books or just sit down and chill on the couches. A lot of kids go into her room in the morning to hang out and talk to her. She is a chill nice teacher to hang out with and talk to. Tiena Navarro, freshman, says, “She helps you when you need it.  She gives good advice.  I’ve known her since 5th grade, so I have a lot of good things to say about her.”  I personally had her as my 6th-grade teacher and coach for two years and she’s really chill.  She’s helpful, and I was excited to see her as my freshman English teacher because she teaches really well and helps everyone understand because she’s so patient.

Welcome to Sahuaro Ms. Gallego!