One in a Million: Dale Hall


Neela Luna, Reporter

Dale Hall, a senior and Varsity cheerleader,  has always loved cheer and says it is a big part of his life. “Cheering is a big adrenaline rush and I just love it so much,” Dale said. When Dale was asked what his favorite thing about cheer is he said, “I love performing, being the center of attention.” He is a very kind-hearted and positive person and wants to let all future cheerleaders know that it’s okay to be scared but once you’re out cheering, smile and put your all into everything and especially be loud. Let the whole field and bleachers hear you and your spirit for your school.”  He also says cheer is a great way to show school spirit and thinks everyone should show their school spirit.

Dale’s favorite thing about Sahuaro is the school spirit; he loves that everyone shows love for their school and he also loves the football games, especially Friday Night Lights. In the future, he said he wants to be in cosmetology, preferably in makeup, also including special effects makeup. He also wants to go to college for cheer and study to be a teacher “for the little ones” he says. In 4-5 years he wants to ask himself if he’s proud and if he accomplished everything he wanted to. He wants to know if he made it. When people say his name he wants them to think positive things because that’s all who Dale is. A fun fact about Dale is he could have gone to Sabino High School, but he saw Sahuaro and loved the way it looked and chose to come here.

When Dale was asked what other sport he would do if he wasn’t doing cheer, he said he would love to do boys volleyball, but he loves cheer and always will.  Dale says cheering is a very fun experience, at first it’s scary and you can get very nervous but then you learn to love it.