The Dramatic Play ‘Tracks’ is Very Different: A Review


The play Tracks by Peter Tarsi is one of the few pieces Sahuaro has put on to be a drama. Mrs. Strong, Sahuaro’s theater arts teacher, said that she wanted to challenge herself with this new piece since most of the plays the theater department has done have been comedies. This year, our advanced department wanted to do something different, hoping for the opportunity to take it to competition this November.

This show is about what death does to you and the choices you will have to make in the afterlife. It also presented the age-old fear of how we don’t know what lies beyond death and the simple question of Heaven or Hell. These characters had to face what’s beyond the unknown, no matter what mistakes they made in their lives. These characters are relatable to the audience, and the cast was phenomenal and on point with their portrayal. It forced me to think about how people ponder death more than we usually do. Will there be people with me? Will I ever get to choose where I go?

I entered the theater with live music being played by our first orchestral quintet, and it was an interesting way to introduce the premise of the show. The musicians had been working hard on their pieces arranged by our own fellow student, Essa Stokan.

The cast included Everest Giuffre (Homeless Girl), Anthony Flores (Old Man), Mason O’Donnell (Lawyer), Julian Specht (Professor), Abigail Coulter (Nun), Mikyla Cather (Businesswoman), Dominic Solano (Businessman), Marisa Linke (High School Girl), Justin Moyers (High School Boy), and Essa Stokan (Waitress).

The quintet also featured Essa Stokan, Alex Rios, Ava Soto, and Brian Guerra-Gonzalez.

Overall, this was a great performance our advanced theater class put together, and it was certainly worth a watch.