Who Is She? Taelyn NordBrock


Neela Luna, Reporter

Taelyn (Tae) Nordbrock, ever wondered who this girl was?  Tae is included in many Sahuaro events because she is very big on sports. Her brother was also a student at Sahuaro, graduating with the class of 2020. In her free time, she normally practices or works out to accomplish her dreams in sports.

This year, Tae is currently doing swim for Sahuaro. When asked if she gets nervous during her swim meets, she said, “I get nervous at meets, but only when we’re getting ready to start.” She says she feels normal the rest of the time, as if nothing happened and she feels good. Once swim is over, this involved freshman wants to play soccer and track. She doesn’t play soccer outside of school, but she is hoping to soon. She normally plays midfielder and left forward. In later years, she would also like to be able to play football for Sahuaro.

Her favorite things about Sahuaro are her friends and her classes. She loves to hang out with her friends and enjoys making memories. Her classes are just something she has friends in, and it makes it more enjoyable when she knows people there. She hopes to continue to make memories. However, when it comes to clubs, she is not involved in any directly, and does not plan on joining one.

Tae is not really sure what she wants to do for a living, but she is hoping to find out soon. She would like to go to NAU for college or anywhere she can get a full-ride scholarship. When things get hard, she tells herself that everything will get better. She had rough times and bad days, but along the way, she has kept pushing and making it through everything.  Something she would want to ask herself in 4-5 years is, “Are you happy with where you are at?” She would also like to know if she’s accomplished everything she wanted to do in high school, although she hopes to accomplish more than she wanted. She doesn’t really have anything she would like to accomplish by senior year, she just would like to, “…succeed in life, I really want to show people how good of a student and athlete I can be, and  show the people who told me I couldn’t do it, wrong.”