Fun Facts about Rocky Lane


Nicholas Cordova

So, after you graduate from Sahuaro, how many of you would like to come back here to teach?  We actually have several teachers at Sahuaro who are forever Cougars, including Spanish Teacher Robert “Rocky” Lane.  Senor Lane graduated in 1981 and then came back in 1999 to teach. Since he doesn’t have any Spanish ancestry, he spoke almost no Spanish until coming to Sahuaro.  He actually credits his former Spanish teacher, Senor Lopez for encouraging his pursuit of this path.  “He made class interesting and fun,” Senor Lane says about his mentor. He visits Guadalajara, Mexico quite often to visit his wife’s family.

“Falling down the stairs between the 100 and 200 buildings,” Lane says, was his most embarrassing moment here, but we want to know when he fell for his wife of 30 years. He met her while working for a place that does surveys. His wife came to Tucson to learn English, and they met when he was conducting a survey on bubblegum with people from Mexico; the rest is history. They have four children, the youngest two being identical twins, who they raised sort of bilingually since they speak a mix of English and Spanish at home.

Senor Lane has a strong Christian faith. When asked to write his memoir in just 6 words, he replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” If he could be in any TV show he would choose Downton Abbey. One of his guilty pleasures is any kind of dessert. He is an amazing teacher and anyone who takes his class will not regret it.