Fresh Face: Harry Barsiwal

Fresh Face: Harry Barsiwal

Baneen Saedi

Q: What’s your name grade and age?

A: “I’m  Harry Barsiwal, I’m a freshman, and I’m 14.”

Q: What is the best part about Sahuaro?

A: “I like the clubs and the education system and hanging out with my friends.”

Q: If you wanted to change one thing about Sahuaro what would it be?

A: ” Probably one thing that I would change is that there should be more school parties  just so kids can like have fun and be more social.”

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: ” I like hanging out with my family, playing video games, I like watching scientific videos mostly about Space.

Q: Do you play any sports?

A: “I play football, and I’m thinking to play soccer once football is done.”

Q: What’s one thing no one knows about you?

A: “Probably that I’m kinda Anti-Social.

Q: What middle school did you attend?

A: ” I  changed between  3 schools in middle school, in 6th grade, I  went to Basis Tuscon North and then during March of my 6th grade year I moved to Alice Vail Middle school and attended that school till 7th grade.  After that, for my 8th-grade year, I went to Dodge Middle School.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: “A successful person in an IT job or in a NASA job ”

Q: If you could have any person in history be your teacher here at Sahuaro, who would it be?

A: “Elon Musk because I think I can learn a lot of things from him like thinking financially and ways to become a successful person.”

Q: What is one quote or motto you live by?

A: ” A dream doesn’t become reality  through magic it, takes sweet determination and hard work”-Colin Powell