Kilee Schlak: An Amazing Leader


Montana Poe, Sports editor

Kilee Schlak is a determined and cheery student involved in many activities at Sahuaro High School. For four years Kilee has given her all in what she does, no matter how challenging the task at hand. She is a senior and has had to work diligently and tirelessly to become the Senior Class President at Sahuaro High school and make varsity every single year in soccer. The fact is that Kilee enjoys the challenge of being a leader and one of the best on the soccer team and she will keep on striving to be a role model.

Kilee has been in Stuco (Student Council) for three years and she got involved to make a difference at our school and health plan. She said, “Planning fun events like assemblies have always been my favorite memory at Sahuaro.” So this much planning can become very stressful and takes away a lot of time for homework or schoolwork – she must finish, but she is always up for the challenge to get everything done. She, of course, has help, but planning everything out correctly is where she strives and becomes very dependable for her fellow peers.

She plans on becoming an athletic trainer in the future which is one of the reasons why she is President of HOSA Sports Med Club at Sahuaro, so she can get as much experience as she can get. Kilee said, “I intern at the football games at Sahuaro and after school in the training room for even more knowledge about what I want to do. ” She loves to do many things but the most favorite thing she loves to do is to play soccer here at Sahuaro. Kilee said, ” I feel I’m in a safe environment to express myself in a safe space and have fun when playing soccer.” She always pushed herself to be on varsity and in doing so, made varsity her freshman year and fought for her spot ever since. Kilee Schlak is involved in so many things because she loves this school and loves helping people, which shaped her into the person she is today.