Good and Bads on Pitbulls


Anissa Garcia, Reporter

People might say that all Pitbulls are bad, but the terrible and tragic reality is that they are frequently used in illegal dogfights.  However, there are many great things about them. One of my favorite traits of a pitbull is their ability to learn how to fetch so quickly. If trained well, they are very good listeners and obey their owner, they truly can be a man’s best friend. They are pretty healthy in most cases when properly taken care of. Pitbulls don’t really like getting groomed a lot. They are very athletic and active, they always want to play with their owners or other dogs. People believe that Pitbulls are loyal to them, and they can be great with children.

Pitbulls are territorial in their homes, so when other people or dogs enter their homes they get territorial about their homes and owners. They aren’t aggressive with people, but they are less tolerant of other dogs. Their attacks can cause a lot of damage due to their size, strength, and determination. Pit bulls do tear up a lot of things if they are bored and have nothing to play with. Some Pitbulls don’t like sharing their food with other dogs; they can be very vicious toward other dogs while they are eating.

They have big personalities and are very loving, easy to care for, they’re hilarious, trainable, and more. In the early 1900’s they were seen as an All American family dog, typified by Petey in the “Our gang”/ Little Rascals”. There are types of Pitbulls like the American bully, Pitbull terrier, and the American bulldog. Pitbulls have a powerful bite, they do not have a lockjaw. The average adult Pitbull will spend 12-14 hours asleep each day, plus approximately five more hours of resting. Puppies can sleep up to 20 hours each day. Pitbulls are allergic to various pollen and grass, certain types of perfume and they’re also allergic to dust mites. Overall pit bulls are really good pets if you treat them well.