Senior Spotlight: Avery Lytle

Senior Spotlight: Avery Lytle

Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

Introducing Avery Lytle, Secretary of the Black Student Union Club! Avery told me, “The BSU is an organization of students designed to celebrate and bring together black students, honor the culture with activities and events, and bring awareness to the black experience.” Avery is a great guy who is always there for everyone by supporting them or just making their day. His hobbies are playing games, hanging with friends, and relaxing at home after a long day.

Now, what does he have to say to be great in school? His main advice to his peers is to take time for themselves. School is, of course, an important step for your future, whether you go to college or not. School should be taken very seriously. He said, “Don’t be scared to give things a try, you may lose but can’t win if you don’t play.”

What does he do to keep up with school? “It’s two words, for me, time management is the most important skill I have. Work isn’t too bad when you take it in pieces and take a good amount of time to complete it. Just stay focused on your peers and the teachers; they are helping you to be great and do well in class. Keep hitting the books or that football field, it will pay off eventually.”

Finally, what are Avery’s plans after school? The only major event or plan that comes to his mind at the moment is just graduation. After that, it will be time to go to college and if all goes well, he will be attending the U of A for engineering, more specifically probably electrical. He plans on going for all four years and, “…receiving the full Wildcat experience!” He is also quite excited about all the food they will have in college, and trying to enjoy whatever is thrown his way.