The Colorful World Of Aniya Chitty Huntt


Louraine Bouraima, Reporter

Ms. Aniya Huntt is a junior here at Sahuaro High School, and if you have seen her before, just look for the most beautiful black girl with the clearest skin known to any teenager on campus–and that’s on period. Aniya is by far the quietest outspoken person I have met, what I mean by that is that she is not a loudspeaker, but if you have ears to listen to what comes out of her mouth, she will either make you laugh or make you think about life.     

She is someone who I would like to describe as the main character of her own story but the main character that’s unbothered and is about to step into her purpose… that’s what Aniya’s life is giving. I met her near the beginning of the year and of course, I noticed her skin was SO Clear! I’m going to have to write a whole article based on her skincare routine, and if it’s genetics, I want to talk to her mama and get those adoption papers filled out. Okay, Mama Huntt?   

Aniya is also a big family person; you can easily tell by how much she talks about them. She’s very passionate about her art, or as she describes them, “my artistic endeavors”.  She goes on to describe how she likes to draw people. Specifically, as a young black woman, she likes to draw other black women, which makes her feel liberated in the sense that she is expressing herself through her drawings.

Aniya Huntt, a beautiful 16-year-old girl, is on her way to changing the school just by being herself now and also by becoming an amazing black woman in the future who will go on to change the world all by herself.