Are You Scared? Well She Isn’t: Marisa Linke


Natalie Valdez Martinez, Reporter

The Horror Movie Buff, Marisa Linke. Horror movies have a process, a long one at that. Marisa wants to dedicate herself to the long, complex, and captivating process of making horror films when she goes to the University of Arizona next year as a Film and Television major.

Marisa has made films in middle school and a few for school projects throughout her junior and senior years, her “better parts of high school.” In the past, Marisa made a scream parody that was 30 minutes long, helped direct comedy skits during middle school, and is currently going through the process of writing and filming more. One of them is untitled, another is called The Night Train, and she has another project called Gore-met Eats. Marisa is inspired by both Leigh Whannell, a screenplay writer, and John Waters, a director. Both of these people have created horror films, and because of this, she gets her inspiration from them and their work. Marisa has wanted to make films after she helped make one, her Scream parody that was mentioned earlier. Marisa said, “…I realized how good screenwriting would be for me since I love writing…”

Marisa wants to study film because she believes all films “are worth something” and she loves the form of expression they can give people. Marisa said, “I think movies are an excellent art form for expressing yourself and helping others express themselves too.” Marisa has found comfort in movies in general so why not make them, right? Marisa loves nostalgic movies as well, not just horror movies.  Wonder if she can do a nostalgic horror film? Well, Marisa thinks it would be hard, but she does want to do some 70s-90s horror movies.

Maybe soon, she’ll be the maker of one of the next great horror films. Until then she is Marisa Linke, Sahuaro High School Senior, and aspiring screenplay writer.