Cougar Link Crew – All You Need to Know


Summer Campbell, Reporter

What is Cougar Link Crew? Cougar Link Crew is a club that helps incoming freshmen settle in and feel comfortable during their first year of high school. This club provides a foundation for freshmen to get support and guidance from our sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have experienced the obstacles of high school and understand moving on to a bigger school can make you feel anxious. Cougar Link helps freshmen feel more connected throughout their first year here. In Cougar Link Crew you get to plan social events for the freshmen to attend which helps them connect more. Every year you are in Cougar Link Crew you get T-Shirts to wear on special events and you get to choose what the shirts look like. As of now, this year is just the prep to get the club put together so next year can be more successful.

The four components that help Cougar Link achieve this goal:

High School Orientation – The link leaders build a mentor relationship with the freshman and give tips on how to be successful in high school.

Academic Follow-Ups – The link leaders support freshmen with their success in academics and have classroom visits to build stronger relationships along with character development.

Social Follow-Ups – The link leaders and freshmen interact outside the classroom during social events to engage with the students and make a positive school climate.

Leader-Initiated Contacts – The link leaders will have a connection with their freshmen on an individual level.

Why should you join Cougar Link Crew? Link Crew Leaders could become positive role models on campus and could demonstrate positive behaviors to make school a more comfortable place. You get to connect with new people and positively impact the freshman. Being in Cougar Link Crew looks amazing on your resume, college applications, and scholarship applications. If you want to do something simple in school to help you get into college or a new job, Cougar Link might be a fit for you!

Requirements and Expectations to be a Cougar Link Crew Leader are:

  • Must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior for the 2023-2024 school year
  • Must be passing all classes, but if you’re not, talk to Mrs. Colleen Bradley and she could provide some support
  • Must attend meetings once a month
  • Must attend mandatory training in the summertime (the week before school starts, only 2 hours for 2 days)
  • Must attend a certain number of poster making days
  • Must attend Freshman Orientation

Right now the club is looking for anybody interested in Cougar Link Crew. If you think you or a friend might be interested, go talk to Mrs. Colleen Bradley in the counseling department.