10 Things That Make Me Happy


Natalya Larez


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    • Baking is just fun. I can just focus on the ingredients, not think about anything else, and create something absolutely delicious. It’s a good stress relief. I love it when I bake, brownies, cookies, pies, etc.

    • Hiking, walking, climbing miles away from any cities, from people, from phone service, is truly the best feeling. The adrenaline rush from walking through freezing rivers, climbing mountains, finding new trails, and eventually reaching your destination is amazing. It just gives me a calm, freeing sensation.

    • My car is everything to me. I love driving, especially when something’s wrong. My car feels more like home to me, and whenever I’m in it, everything feels alright. I don’t have to think, only drive.

    • I feel like there isn’t much of an explanation for this one. Sunsets are just gorgeous. Life’s short, why not enjoy beautiful views?

    • Imagine having a long day, the kind of day that seems like it’s dragging on forever. Maybe you’re tired, stressed, or nervous, but hey that’s nothing a nice iced coffee can’t fix! Easily worth the 7$ per coffee.

    • I’ve just always loved animals, and have owned several different types of animals, but have always been more interested in birds. Now, I breed them, and seeing the baby chicks grow, and learning about my pets, truly is amazing to me.

    • The gym just overall boosts my mood and confidence. I try to go 5-6 times a week, and it’s a great outlet for pretty much anything. I’ll just go and lift some weights, and everything will be fine.

    • Reading gives me the opportunity to dive into a different world, with characters of all kinds, and amazing storylines to follow. I can spend hours reading a book, and be quite content. I genuinely find reading to be one of the best activities I could do.

    • Watching movies and shows are just a great way to unwind at night. No matter the genre, I can relax and dive into a different world, and simply relax. Now, if you ask me, romance and horror movies are the best kinds!

    • Airsofting is just a fun hobby. It’s like Call of Duty, but real life. I love going to Freedom Airsoft, where the area that games are performed looks exactly like the game. You can also play different ways (zombies, area 51, capture the flag, etc). Overall, it’s a really fun thing to do!

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