10 things that Complete Me!!


Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

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  • Music/ I love music. It’s probably one of my favorites to do. Slap on some earbuds or headphones and listen away. I tend to listen to music to help my anxiety and keep me focused. It’s nice to tune down the rest of the world for a bit and sit back and enjoy my playlist.

  • My cat/ Lady Tremaine. I love this little furball so much. She is the sweetest cat I have ever known. She loves to be petted and sleep with me after a long day. She is so soft and warm and gives so much attention. You don’t even have to ask for it.  It’s nice to come home and give her a big hug because she makes everything better. 

  • Ghostbusters/ Ah yes, the childhood movies I’ve always loved. Ghostbusters, from the films and the many video games that have been released, I was always questioning and wondering about the many different gadgets and cool props that were in these films. After waiting for years, I have finally begun collecting the many props that will come my way and storing them somewhere for all to see.

  • Outside/ Fresh air. It’s nice to step out, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beautiful sights of the sky, clouds, sun, and nature all around us. I like to go outside to clear my mind and enjoy peace for a moment. It’s nice to go out and enjoy a refreshing time like this.

  • Videogames/ Such a fun way to entertain me. I love to play video games; it’s what I like to do in my own free time just to kill time in certain scenarios. I own a lot of games and somehow I complete them and move on to the next game. I also enjoy playing with friends too. We tend to have a great time and socialize about our life outside of gaming.

  • Alice/ My sister Alice, I love her very much, and I make sure to help support her and do anything to keep her happy. We will hang out such as watching tv or playing Roblox from hours to end. I help her with homework and am there for her all the time. She looks up to me and sees me as the coolest brother ever, and I never forget to ever leave her side. We are an unstoppable duo!!

  • Friends/ I have many friends and I like to hang out with all of them. I know so many people it’s hard to keep track of all of them. I try to make the time to do stuff with them, such as go to the mall, drive around town, watch a movie, or just go out to eat at a place. We are an unstoppable group and we are there for ourselves and others who are in need. 

  • Family/ My family means a lot to me. They are always there to help support me with school, work, and tips on life. They are a great wonder to me in this world and I always look up to them when I need help. I love to go and hang out with them, do many amazing things in this world, and explore many secrets and things. I’m glad to have my family with me. I love them so much from the deepest part of my heart.

  • Movies or Shows/ Sometimes if I don’t feel like playing games, I’ll watch movies or shows on platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney+. I will watch some new movies if they came out recently or watch some old cartoons back from my childhood. There are so many choices of anything that I can watch so I will be sitting there trying to figure out what should I watch. So many choices, so little time to pick something.

  • Sand dollars/ I love collecting things, especially sand dollars, they are very pretty and look very beautiful. Every year I go to Mexico, we head to the beach when the tide is out, and go out and find sand dollars. They are a real beauty and so fun to collect. Sometimes my cousins and I would play a game about who could collect the most sand dollars and compare which ones look better than the others. That wasn’t all, we saw huge crabs and little octopuses and clams but sadly no pearls, but that’s okay, we still had fun collecting and seeing what was under the ocean.

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