What Makes Me Happy?


Neela Luna, Reporter


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  • Music- Music is probably my best friend. Music has always had my back when no one else has. I tend to listen to music depending on my mood. It’s not something that I just listen to whenever, it’s always there. Music is my peace.

  • Sunsets- Sunsets are my comfort. Looking at a sunset reminds me of all of my loved ones up there watching over me. They make the sky look beautiful for me. Everyone’s angels make the sky look beautiful. It’s something that makes me smile.

  • Cheer- Cheer is something that has become new in my life. I have loved the experience that I have had so far. The adrenaline that you get when you’re stunting, and throwing your teammate in the air is indescribable. Especially when you hit the stunt.

  • Gum and Nerd Clusters- There’s not a lot I can say about these 2. Gum I use when I’m working because it helps me focus. It also helps with my anxiety. Nerds are just something that I eat when I get the chance. They’re more of just a sweet thing I eat when I have a sweet tooth.

  • Basketball games- Basketball games at the U Of A are always so fun. With the people in the crowd, and the music, it is all just something that is fun in the moment. After, it gives you something to talk about.

  • Snow- We don’t get much snow in Tucson, but whenever I do go somewhere that has snow, it makes me smile. It’s just something about snow that brings joy to everyone. Especially me as a winter baby. It makes December feel more like Christmas.

  • Visiting my cousin- When I visit my cousin, it makes me think of all of the memories I had with her. She was my best friend, family-wise. She was always there for me when I needed someone the most. I will always miss her, but I know she’s no longer hurting.

  • Concerts- Let’s face it, everyone loves concerts. Concerts just generally make everyone happy. When going to a concert, you see everyone smiling and dancing and singing. Concerts are a way people express themselves through music. I know at concerts I am in my own world.

  • Pima County Fair- Every April, my family and I always go to the fair. It is the one time a year that we can go somewhere with a big crowd and have fun. There is nothing more exciting than all of us going on rides and enjoying our time out.

  • Harry potter- I have been a big Harry Potter fan since I was really little. I have figured out that I am very much a Slytherine. I have no problem with being a Slytherine. I feel that the Slytherine characteristics fit me well.

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