Work Hard Play Hard! P.E. Electives Offered :


I love the weight room. I go to the weight room after school and it makes me happy because it is something I enjoy doing and it helps me to better myself physically

Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Physical education provides cognitive content and instruction designed to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and physical fitness. Physical Education is an elective at Sahuaro and one of the many options to choose from for the next school year. There are various options for P.E., such as badminton, weight training, and body conditioning II-girl’s weight lifting. Being physical is very important for your mental well-being as a person because having an active body gives you an active spirit. Also, increasing muscle mass can lead to improved athletic performance in any sport.

Weight training has many benefits for a person’s health. It increases lean muscle mass which can improve your general health and can help speed up your metabolism and lose body fat. Weight training has other effects such as reduced stress, positive mood enhancement, energy levels, and improved athletic performance. Ms. Kinter (weight lifting teacher) says, “I would encourage students to take this class to learn the basics of weight lifting skills to improve their health.” Teachers won’t pick the weight lifting groups – you do, therefore you can work out whatever muscle group you choose.

Kids will need to know and learn so much in weightlifting classes with all the P.E. teachers. Proper form in various exercises for lifting weights is very important so you doing hurt yourself in class. Rules and terminology are also important for safety reasons in the lifting room because lifting is not a time to play around.  Different lifts or exercises that target specific parts of the body are what you must strive for to have a healthier body. Most of all, you learn in weight lifting how to confidently go to the gym outside of Sahuaro and know how to lift weights properly so you can do it on your own.

Badminton is a part of P.E. as well and it helps you learn how to play the badminton sport. This course will teach everyone how to play competitive badminton and most of all, just to have fun. The P.E. teachers will host the school tournaments at the end of each school year to see the best boys’ and girls’ doubles teams at Sahuaro High School. Our school’s badminton team has been to the state championships and was 2019 state runner-up.