Sahuaro’s New Fine Arts Classes


Marley Gandee, Associate Editor-In-Chief

Hey Cougars, looking for a way to get college credits early? Music 100/101 and Exploring Music 150/160 are two great ways to do just that! Both of these classes are dual enrollment with Pima and are taught by Mr. Hemmo. Both of these classes are for juniors and seniors.

Music 100/101 (Guitar 1,2) Dual Enrollment:

In Music 100/101, you will learn how to play guitar like a normal 1,2 guitar class, but with a slightly more in-depth curriculum, created by Mr. Hemmo himself. “Part of the reason that Tucson Unified hired me was that I am a curriculum specialist… I wrote a book back when I was a professor at the UofA that was published and used all around the world to teach guitar for about  20 years. That was then developed into the curriculum that we use…”

For each semester that you take this dual enrollment class, you will gain two credits for college. So, you can gain 4 credits for college in one year of high school. In an AP class, you have to take a test that passes you in the class; in dual enrollment, the same grade you get for the class in high school, you get for college. Each credit through dual enrollment costs $87. For all 4, $348. On average, a credit in college costs $600, so you will be paying less for 4 credits than you might for one in the future.

Exploring Music 150/160 Popular Music in America, Dual Enrolment:

The other option is Exploring Music/Rock Music and Culture. The first semester of this class will be a history of classical music; you will look at how classical music changes from Greco-Roman times to present day. “We talk about famous composers, listen to music… you don’t have to play anything, it’s all just listening and talking.” This first semester looks at the way music has changed history and how history has changed music. The second semester looks at how the culture in America from 1865 to present day is reflected in popular music. You will also learn how the appreciation of music has changed depending on how people listen to music (records, social media, CD’s, the radio, etc). This class is a great dual enrollment option, especially for those who don’t have an interest in learning an instrument, but still want to learn, or just knock out those fine arts credits for high school and college.

In terms of payment for Exploring Music 150/160, the first semester is worth 3 fine arts credits, and the second semester is worth 3 humanities credits, each credit is again $87. Both of these credits are required in general education in college, as well as to graduate high school.