Handling the Hack: Mr. Echols


James Force, Sports Editor

With the district getting hacked, teachers are struggling because all of their assignments and lesson plans are on computers. This is something that is also affecting Sahuaro’s own Mr. Echols.

Mr. Echols made the switch to electronic learning as soon as he could saying, “It’s affecting me a lot because my entire class has shifted to online platforms.” It’s an easier and more effective way of teaching because they don’t have to do as much. They can use certain apps to upload assignments, have them graded, and imported for them. Mr. Echols thinks that even with the hacking, when it’s over we should go back to tech learning saying, “Yes, we should continue with tech learning because when it’s working it’s good. It’s an amazing way to teach and it’s how a lot of schools in America are heading.” Mr. Echols is the health and pre-avid teacher, so technology is something that helps the freshmen learn. He stated that teaching freshmen was, “Extremely challenging, because you’re not just teaching your subject; you’re teaching them etiquette and manners while helping them adjust to things at the high school level.”

The hacking isn’t just affecting the way teachers can teach, but it’s also affecting how kids can learn. Mr. Echols said, “It’s affecting them because they’ve been doing it on computers for so long that it’s hard to go back to learning with books and waiting just to go back to computers. It’s gonna be a little bit of a challenge.” Mr. Echols is struggling to find solutions to the problem and is hoping, like a lot of the other teachers in the district, to be able to teach with technology again soon.