The Interesting Life of Dietrich Siefken


Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

Dietrich Siefken is a 17-year-old Sahuaro junior. He is a simple kid who wakes up, gets ready and goes to school, comes home to watch TV or takes care of his family, sleeps, and repeats. He is currently unemployed but is looking for a good job to make the big bucks. Dietrich will finish most of his schoolwork and then just watch TikTok all day if he is not busy at home or in general. Every week he will take the time out of his day to hang out with his best friend Blye Bakker. The two will sometimes go to the mall, go to the mountains, or just race around in their cars.

Dietrich always makes time to drive around town or just race for fun. He will be out late at night showing off his sick skills, or if he just wants to chill, he will put on some music and go for a nice drive to clear his head. His biggest goal he hopes to get is his dream car, Which is a 1980 BMW M1 With a v12 engine turbocharged. It has a top speed of 165 mph, so it can leave people in the dust when he is racing with his friends or other people. If he can’t get his dream car instead, he will go get a Mercedes AMG GT Black Series which is still a good-looking car and still very fast.  “Life is too short so do what you love the most and be declined and determined to reach that goal,” said Dietrich Siefken.

He does plan to go to college, but he has been thinking about it for a long time. On top of that, he does want to move in with his father in Iowa, so he is trying to figure out what’s next after high school. In general, Dietrich is a great kid with a good heart and an awesome personality. He’s always there for his friends and supporting his family and helping them in any way, going on adventures, exploring the thrill of life, and racing with his best buds. No matter where he is or at, he will make the fullest of it and reach his goal to become a successful man in the near future.