New Step Team at Sahuaro


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

As we all know, it is finally Black History Month, and Unified In Color decided to start up a step team to perform at events for this month at least.

When the idea was first created, Mr. Pablo, a counselor/future coach of the team, scheduled a meeting to meet up with any interested students and give them information about what would be happening and what the routine would consist of. He then ended up having to cancel the meeting, and after a few days, the students in charge of the step team idea realized that he would no longer be at our school, and could not help with the execution of the step team.

After finding this out, Micah Burt (senior), felt obligated to take charge and run the team himself. Micah has been a part of a step team since he was 5 years old, and because of that he has the most experience out of everyone and was more than capable of becoming the coach. His interest in stepping started because his “church had one and that was my way of becoming involved.”

Once his decision was made to lead the team, he went home and started coming up with the routine. Because of his experience and already having a beat in his head that he wanted to use, all he had to do was put the movements to the sound. That process took him all of 10-15 minutes. Which is insanely impressive and shocking.

After the step was created, he only had about 6 days total to teach all of the people that were interested in performing and I think we can all agree that they did amazingly well for only practicing that short amount of time. They will be coming back to impress us again by the end of the year and hopefully they will continue for the years to come.

Unfortunately, the only people that have participated this year are seniors, so there is no one to continue it next year. If you or someone you know is interested, visit Ms. Good in room 202 and she will connect you to either Micah or Louraine (the president of Unified In Color).