A Snowy Surprise for Sahuaro Students and Staff


Marley Gandee, Associate Editor-In-Chief

Sometimes as the school year drags on, seeming to never end, finding fun becomes rare for students and staff alike. Today was a nice relief for those in and around Tucson, as students gathered outside to enjoy the rare event of snow. “I can only complain about school not being canceled, but it was fun,” freshmen Alyssa Johnson commented on the white wonderland she woke up to. Tucson has almost 300 days of sunshine a year, so Tucsonans get pretty excited when we see some snow. Tucson averages 0 inches of snow per year, with the occasional flutters on a good year. With the recent climate changes on the horizon, our town has seen much more snow, along with most of the US. Sophomore Montana Poe said, “I haven’t seen snow in a very long time, but this year there seems to be more snow than in the years past. I just love to see the scenery.”