Mr. Ortiz: Our Freshmen Algebra Teacher


Summer Campbell, Reporter

Mr. Ortiz, freshmen Algebra teacher, is in his first year of teaching at Sahuaro.  He came to join his wife, Monica Pita,  who teaches Sports Medicine here at Sahuaro High School.  Mr. Ortiz went to four different high schools due to growing up in the army but graduated from Shoemaker High School in Killeen, TX in 2008. Growing up in the army, he lived in many places such as Kansas, New York City, and multiple places in Germany, Virginia, and Texas.  His interests are mostly sports but he also likes to play the guitar in his free time, which is very limited since he spends much of his free time coaching basketball or baseball.

He says, “I’ve enjoyed my time here, really enjoy having all the students that I have, and great faculty around me that has been extremely helpful as I make the transition from middle school to high school.” One thing he likes about teaching Algebra is having the ability to be a small influence in students’ lives to go do bigger and better things. His parents have been his number one role model. “Having seen all they’ve gone through for them to be where they are right now is an inspiration.” Mr. Ortiz’s positive attitude and determination help students enjoy learning in his classroom. He builds connections with his students and is always willing to help in any way he can. Mr. Ortiz wants all his students to succeed and do well so they have a good future. He sees potential in every one of his students and does his best to lead them on the right path. Mr. Ortiz is an outstanding teacher and we are lucky to have him at our school.

Sahuaro is delighted to have Mr. Ortiz be a part of our community!