This Man Got Hit By A Car and Lived!


James Force, Sports Editor

To wake up every day, run a mile, and skate to school for an hour isn’t for everyone, but it is for Andreh Valdez. He’s a sophomore who loves to skate around and play video games. Andreh is also an athlete who loves to run and play soccer in his free time. Coming from a stricter household, Andreh gets straight A’s and holds himself up to that standard. He also likes to hang out with his friends and do anything his friends want to do.

Earlier in the year, Andreh had the scare of a lifetime. He was crossing a street when a car made an aggressive turn and hit him. Luckily, he was okay and only suffered bruising and a fractured wrist. He said, “It was a really eye-opening experience. It showed me that I’m not invincible.” Andreh also has a job. He works at Kohl’s and said, “I love working there. I’ve always wanted to have money so my parents don’t have to buy me things and I can buy them for myself.”

Andreh also loves to skate. He can hit almost any trick you want him to and he can do it flawlessly. He skates every day after school. He,”… learned how to skate when I was twelve because I saw kids start doing it and it looked fun. Now it’s just progressed into doing as many tricks as possible while riding.” When he’s not skating you can often find him running. He runs a mile every day before school and runs another one when he gets home. “I do it just to keep in shape. Sometimes I don’t eat as healthy as I should and I feel running counters that,” he said. He also practices soccer on the weekends and enjoys playing whenever he can. “Soccer is the first sport I ever played and loved.  It was my passion when I was little and I was always out on the grass to try to hit the ball any way I could to score.”