It’s a Good Knight for Chess Club at Sahuaro


James Force, Sports Editor

A few weeks ago, Sahuaro started a new club… Chess Club. The club was started by Freshman Logan Russell, who has been playing chess for years. The club has a decently large gathering of students who all are there because of their love for the game. The chess club meets every Tuesday and Thursday in the library.

The club sponsor is Mr. Warren, a math teacher here at Sahuaro. Logan started the club because “I really just like playing chess… I talked to Mr. Christian about it, who helped us get a sponsor, and helped us be able to use the library.” He also stated, “Chess is a fun game and it makes you think.”

Alexander Armenta, a chess player who is also in the club said, “I think it takes a lot of skill to play, not everyone can play but I think everyone should.” Alexander said to learn how to play chess well, “I would say it takes years. Everyone thinks you can just watch some videos or play for a couple hours, but really it takes years and repetition.” He also said he wanted to start playing chess because “When I was younger I wanted to get good at a board game. After playing chess I found that I loved it and it just grew into what it is now.” It wasn’t always what he wanted to do but according to Alexander, “I realized I wanted to play chess all the time in middle school. I would play against other kids and once I started beating them it made me feel really good and soon it became what it is now.” There is also a stereotype that you have to be smart to play chess. Alexander says, “No, you can get someone who isn’t really smart, and as long as they understand strategies and patterns they could be the best chess player in the world.”

The chess club is always accepting new members and anyone that wants to join can go to the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3:30 and 4:30.