Legends Never Die


James Force, Sports Editor

“We ain’t making it past 21” the famous quote said by rapper Juice Wrld. He sadly would pass away 6 days after his 21st birthday from a seizure caused by drug overdose. With the anniversary of the album that put him on the map, Goodbye and Good Riddence, coming up, it’s time to celebrate the legend one more time.

Juice grew up in Chicago, Illinois, idolizing rappers like Drake and Future. He would go on to have a huge album with Future called Wrld on Drugs. Juice created freestyles too, with a lot of his album songs actually having been freestyles. If they weren’t freestyles, then they were quickly written songs. Lucid Dreams, a diamond song, was written in 20 minutes according to Juice. When he died, his team actually said that he had 2000+ unreleased songs and most of them had been freestyles.

Goodbye and Good Riddance was one of his biggest albums. It had 5 of his top songs going from Lucid Dreams and All Girls are the Same, to Black and White and Armed and Dangerous. It really put Juice on the map because it was sad music that the broken-hearted could relate to. It opened up the gateway for Juice’s next project which was Death Race For Love, which was more of a hype album having songs like Out My Way and Syphilis. He was working on a project called The Outsiders when he died. Having not recorded all the songs for it, it’s likely that we will never get to see this album and if we do, it’s certain that it will not be how Juice intended it to be. Instead of trying to create The Outsiders after Juice died, they created Legends Never Die, a memorial album for Juice.

They are releasing a new album in June and it’s going to be the final album. Hopefully, Juice’s team can do a good job and make this final album something that everyone will remember.