Brand New Bohland


Amanda Mourelatos

Image of Mr. Bohland by his room, #326

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

Another one of the many additions to Sahuaro’s staff family is Mr. Jarre Bohland, a new teacher in the math department. Hailing from Gridley Middle School, Bohland has taught for 24 years and is going on his 25th.

Bohland loves his home theater, parties, and working on his house.  His students may not know that he used to bowl at the U of A and was the top bowler in the state during his freshman year! When they went to BYU and bowled, he had the high average for the tournament; that was the indicator that he was good enough to be on the team. He bowled up until he was about 27, but doesn’t do it much anymore.

Although he graduated from Santa Rita, he has “always loved Sahuaro” and he has “loyalty to the school” because many of his former Gridley students attend/attended and so did his children. “I love being here so far,” he says, “it’s great to see so many of my old students again.” He says middle school and high school are relatively the same, except his juniors have fewer impulsive actions and can control themselves better.

When it comes to mathematics, Bohland believes that there’s more than one way to do it. “I hate how standardized testing is forcing young minds to think like the test,” he preaches. Considering his love for math, he thought there is no better way to practice his love than by teaching it.

The moment Bohland realized he wanted to be a teacher was when he met his wife, who is also a teacher. What makes him different than other teachers is he “feels like he is always walking around helping people.”  He wants his students to succeed and he thinks they feel can it.

Both a former and current student, sophomore Chris Tipton, said, “From a student’s perspective, he is easily one of the most respectable, fair teachers.” Another one of his former students, Alyssa Botkin, said, “He’s a fun and outstanding teacher.”

Bohland said his funniest classroom story was when he had two students having an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression competition right before the bell was about to ring.  As one completed the famous phrase, “Get to the chopper!”, the other one opened his mouth to say “I let him go.”  At that moment, a small spitball went from one student’s mouth right into the other student’s mouth.  “We were all grossed out even though we almost passed out from laughing so hard,”  he said. His most embarrassing school story was when he tripped in the hall in front of at least 50 students. He said, “I have never been so embarrassed in my life. It hurt too!”

If you ever stroll past room 326, give Mr. Bohland a high five and a welcome to the Cougar Family!