The Fashion Frenzy of Hannah Sawyer


Winta Tekle, Sahuaro News Editor


Hannah dressed in what she describes as “Jade from Bratz went on a foreign exchange trip to France and won’t shut up about it.”

Hannah Sawyer isn’t exactly dressed down for school. In the adjacent picture, she’s dressed in all black, 4-inch platforms paired with white socks, a necklace adorned with safety pins and it is all topped off with a wool beret that lays asymmetrical on her head. Every day she enters school in a completely different look. That’s the beauty of her fashion; she’s a wild card and has made versatility her best friend. 

Meet Hannah Sawyer, a junior at Sahuaro, who’s been dubbed a “fashion legend” by her peers; however, she doesn’t view herself as such, instead saying that she “hasn’t peaked yet.”

Her D.I.Y shoes!

Beyond her impeccable style lays her  strong relationship with fashion and beauty. When asked if she had always felt connected with fashion, she said that she’s, “always been connected! I put my mom’s makeup all over my face and I really loved princess dresses. It’s been drip or drown since I exited the womb.” The one aspect of Hannah’s clothing that stands out is her keen skill for do-it-yourself fashion. Whether it’s her bedazzled Vans or her unique fuzzy worm sweatshirt, D.I.Y is something she loves to incorporate.

The infamous fuzzy worm pullover sweater.

She D.I.Y.’s a favorable amount of “shoes and bags, but I do find it hard to D.I.Y. clothes, so I will typically avoid altering that.”

For Hannah, her deep fountain of inspirations draws from nearly everything under the sun. In her own words, inspiration comes from “literally anywhere. I thought of a new cute outfit while looking at my new stuffed animal key-chain.” To reach her peak creativity, Hannah finds herself most active at night. “I’m a night owl,” she states, “my brain works best then.”

While her style is versatile, there are trends that Hannah will simply not touch. When asked about her least favorites, she responded with “all neon outfits, biker shorts, ballet shoes, the Billie Eilish style [extremely baggy clothing], but my most controversial choice of all?

Hannah, dressed as an angel
Hannah dressed as an angel.

College sweaters and polka dots.” Her guilty pleasures, just like her least favorite trends, are across the board, ranging from ironic t-shirts to fishtail brows, Uggs, and the 1997 Summer Spring Valentino Collection.  

Shine a spotlight on Hannahs pants! Tiny naked women scattered all throughout her pants!

Taking interest in fashion and beauty can be seen as superficial,  it’s the farthest thing from it. Hannah’s relationship with the world of fashion reflects a relationship that goes beyond physical appearance, touching on the importance of individuality and self expression. So, what does fashion mean to Hannah Sawyer? Simply put, she tells me that fashion is “more than the clothes I put on my body. I put each piece together, as if it were a puzzle.”