Senior Class President: Hayli Kubly


jordan ford, Opinion Editor

Hayli Kubly  – an athlete, a student, and senior class president – she does it all. Most Sahuaro students know or have heard of our Senior Class President regardless of what grade level they are in. “It’s a good feeling knowing the class thought I’d be best fit for senior president, but its stressful.” Hayli has been in Student Council since her freshman year. With Hayli being highly involved in school by playing sports, being in StuCo, and being very social anyone would wonder: how does she balance and maintain academics as well? “It honestly is hard, but knowing when it’s all said and done it’s gonna be worth it, it makes it easier to do.” Some students would not consider joining Student Council, but Hayli doesn’t. “I joined because I like being a voice for students, I have a vision of what I wanted our class to have, and it’s starting to come together.”

Once the majority of the senior class found out last year that Hayli was becoming our president, there is no denying that they were all excited. “I have some crazy stuff planned for our senior class,” says Hayli. And she hasn’t let us down yet. The class of 2020 has been doing some fun stuff from Senior Sunrise to fundraisers to ending the year with Senior Sunset, and the senior class is excited for what else is to come.

With this being her last year in high school and last year in Student Council, Hayli has a very bright future ahead of her. “I plan on playing basketball in college, and being in stuco will help me in the future. It has taught me to multi-task and how to be organized with several things at once.” Hayli is planning on going to ASU (Arizona State University.)

Hayli also gave us a very nice insight on what it’s like to be in Student Council. There are a lot of strong-minded and hard-working students in stuco, so some would think that it would be hard for everyone to manage working together, but as Hayli said, “We’re all very vocal, yet respectful.  We’re all on the same page, which helps things run quickly and smoothly.” As anyone could tell, Hayli is very dedicated and happy about being involved, but if she didn’t join she would more than likely be in Yearbook or she would be trying to start up more African American clubs for our students.

As the school year continues, seniors all are excited to see what’s to come and what Hayli has in store for the Class of 2020, and we are expecting big things from her on the court this season.