Senior Spotlight: Sabrina Padilla


Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

Senior, Sabrina Padilla, is one of the nicest, friendliest people you will

see around here around our campus. Soft-spoken and with long, dark hair, Sabrina can often be found by the art room since she is very invested in her craft. Currently, her inspiration for her artwork is realism. “I work on things from endangered  animals to climate change to mass incarceration, politics, etc.” She is currently in advanced art with Mr. Long this year. Her favorite mediums to use in her artworks are different kinds of paints.

Once Sabrina found out that you could get paid to be an artist, she began her dream to pursue art as a full-time career. This is around the same time she found her passion for art. When she gets older, she’d like to become an art teacher. After high school she wants to go to college for art and teaching, “I don’t really have a dream college but many have caught my eye on what they have to offer.” She also plans on possibly selling her artwork.

Asides from art Sabrina also has other talents and hobbies such as reading, crocheting, volunteering when she can, and doing puzzles. Last year she also helped work on the mural on the 400 building. Sabrina is overall a really nice person and a good inspiration for current and future Cougars.