Class of 2024’s High School Debut!


Teachers Ms. French(left) and Ms. Stedman(right)

Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

On February 5th, 2020, Sahuaro was visited by the future class of ’24 to see what high school experience is all about!

Gridley Middle School’s 8th graders who are a part of the school’s Core Enrichment course, led by Mrs. French, are slowly touring all of the Tucson schools who have an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class. Sahuaro has the privilege of having the relatively new AVID class led offered this year for elective credit, led by former algebra teacher, Katherine Stedman.

Shadowee & Shadower!

Ms. Stedman’s entire sophomore fourth-period class had the twenty-three 8th graders shadow them throughout some of their classes for the day, starting second-period and ending in fifth. In order to prepare the sophomores for the arrival of the middle-schoolers, “I talked with the students about keeping them safe during the school day and not scaring them,” Ms. Stedman stated.

The 8th graders arrived on campus close to the start of second period and were broken off into pairs, then followed their sophomore shadowees throughout their second and third periods, where teachers were instructed to give no special attention to the visitors, but rather include them in class discussions. When lunch arrived, shadowers, shadowees, and those chaperoning the visit all had lunch together. Ms. Stedman says, “My students completed reflection papers to send to the middle school to let them know what ‘worked’ and what ‘didn’t work’ so that we can refine for next year’s visit. The 8th graders were given planners and activities by Mrs. French to complete while they were at Sahuaro.

Sophomore Melany Ballesteros enjoys being in Sahuaro’s AVID class and highly recommends taking it.  “It’s easily one of my favorite classes, I love the community service we do and of course the yoga!” Melany said. “I felt like a ‘mama duck’ having these super cool 8th graders with me all day!”

Sophomore Kylie Pendleton and her eighth grader.

Eighth grader Adriana Benefield enjoyed her day at Sahuaro, “I love the freedom and how big the school is. I also like the energy here.”

“I’m excited for these middle-schoolers to grow into high school and see a new perspective on life because high school changes you so much,” sophomore Perla Aguilar says.

For one eighth grader, high school means that she can be here with her sisters. “I’m very excited to come to school with my sisters. High school is more of a challenge in every aspect, and I want the challenges,” Carissa Maya said.

Good luck class of ’24! We can’t wait to welcome you next year and hope you’ve all learned a lot from your visit! – The Paper Cut <3