Working with your Honey: Hislope and Krause


Abby Latini, News Editor

Mr. Hislope and Ms. Krause have been “a couple” for years, or in Mr. Hislope’s words, “As long as there have been leaves on trees.”

Where or how did you first meet? Hislope: She slipped on spilled apple juice at Costco and I caught her. Krause: 1977 at Studio 54 in New York City.

What was your very first impression of him or her? Hislope: She’s very clumsy. Krause: Stud muffin. He was wearing a white suit a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. john travolta

What is the most romantic thing your partner has ever done? Hislope: Memorized and performed all the dances fromflashdance Flashdance. Krause: At Studio 54, he arranged for me to dance with Mick Jagger.

If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be and why? Hislope: She’s too quiet and demure. Krause: I love him just the way he is.

What do you think your partner would say for the last question? Hislope: I work out too much. Krause: He would want me to win the lottery.

What’s your fighting style? Hislope: We scream and throw food at each other… which we later prepare into a “make-up” meal Krause: Food fight.

What’s your idea of the “perfect” date? Hislope: Chicken wings and jet skis. Krause: It involves disco balls and Donna Summers.

What is one thing you absolutely love about your partner? Hislope: Her sexy outfits. Krause: Sense of humor.

What do you both have in common? Hislope: Our sexy outfits. Krause: We go to the same church.

Do you think you’ll still be together after high school? Hislope: Will the river still flow? Krause: We’ll be together always.

What would your partner have to do to make you want to break up with him/her? Hislope: Steal Mr. Chandler – I think she has her eye on him. Krause: Marry someone else. IMG_9996