April Is National Poetry Month

Mr. Robinson’s Movie Buff Poem


Mr. Robinson, Contributor

For this type of poem make a list. In this case I used movies I saw in a theatre in 2019. You must use at least part of the title of the movie in your poem and put that part in quotation marks. Try to avoid simply taking “The” or other articles.  Give it a go – Mr. Robinson’s example below!

Robinson movies in theatre 2019
● Spiderman into the spiderverseX
● ShopliftersX
● UsX
● BooksmartX
● Toy Story 4X
● AlienX
● The Last Black Man in San FranciscoX
● Do the Right ThingX
● CrawlX
● The FarewellX
● Wild RoseX
● Blinded by the lightX
● Ad AstraX
● ParasiteX
● Knives OutX
● Two Pope’sX
● Queen and SlimX
● Little WomenX

What good is to be “Booksmart” anyway? Living your life in a “crawl,” saying “Farewell” to a life
of utility. Stuck in life unable to sing like a “Wild Rose” instead hurling “Ad Astra” into alienation.
Nothing to stick your “Spiderman” hands onto, instead “Blinded By The Light” as you left the
cave witnessing a “Queen” walking by, but you, the educated, missed her, not looking like
Elizabeth sitting on a throne of gold. You may have known about the “Two Popes,” their names
Benedict and Francis, but you’d never smelt the incense in the cathedral. All of these rituals, of
life and passions are “Alien” to you. Now faced with the existential crisis of a recognition of the
need for change, and the trauma that would come from doing so, a Woody or Buzz Lightyear in
“Toy Story 4,” coming to terms with a life transition. It’s past time to “Do The Right Thing” and
venture out, lest you end up as Red in “Us” resentful of what takes place about you, feeling
used as a “Parasite” to their lives, ready to take “Knives Out” until you’re the “Last” to remain.
Unable to understand why the “Shoplifters” take to sustain themselves; their daily bread not
coming from the text. You’re not writing Jo’s novel in “Little Women,” you’re in the movie, act like