The Woman Behind The Tarot Cards: Alyssa Saavedra


Mei Dotzler, Reporter

Since becoming a Sahuaro alumna in 2019, aspiring entrepreneur Alyssa Saavedra has pioneered her very own business of Tarot and Oracle card readings in July 2020.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with their own unique imagery and symbolism. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life’s karmic and spiritual tendencies, and the 56 Minor Arcana cards mirror the daily trials and tribulations humans experience. While Tarot cards are very strict in their meanings, Oracle cards don’t follow a set structure. They can carry a plethora of different messages and vary in deck size; however, they are just as effective as Tarot cards in providing clarity for one’s life.

@alyssa.saavedra on Instagram

“I was drawn to Tarot and Oracle when I was in a dark place due to the anxiety I felt in the beginning of the year caused by everything happening in the world,” Alyssa says in regard to her spiritual awakening. “I was going through a very difficult time, and that was when my boyfriend and his mom introduced me to Oracle cards. I felt very comforted by the messages I received.”

Since May, Alyssa has purchased over 20 decks and continues to find solace in her readings, the zest for Tarot growing every day. “I was actually quite skeptical of Tarot and Oracle up until I needed it most in life.”

After deliberately practicing on friends and family, Alyssa finally created her business Instagram @lyssreadscards to share her newfound passion with others alike, and to help bring forth a sense of guidance and intuition to the people seeking it.

Alyssa’s favorite Oracle deck, “Beyond Lemuria”

As for the routine of every reading, it is fairly straightforward.”For the scheduled reading, I’ll call the person over FaceTime. I will proceed to explain how the reading is laid out and the options for cards and once the decks are chosen, I will begin shuffling them one by one until I have a full spread. I’ll scan the spread for similarities and try to get a general feel for what type of messages we’re receiving. I’ll read each card’s definition from the guidebook, and we’ll discuss anything that feels important. After we end our call, I’ll continue to place one stone/crystal with each card based on its properties and what coincides best with the card’s energy (for example, I may place my Tiger’s Eye stone with the Major Arcana Tarot card, Strength). When I finish, I will send them a picture of the reading as well as a list of the stones. My most popular reading is the Standard Reading, which is usually an hour and a half. I pull 16 cards for this spread, which includes 10 Oracle and 6 Tarot for $35.”

Alyssa’s favorite Tarot deck, “Rider Waite”

When asked about her favorite reading she’s done, Alyssa doesn’t have one. “Every individual reading has been so unique and I’ve loved every single one.” Among her vast collection, her favorite decks are the “Beyond Lemuria Orcale” and “Rider Waite Tarot”, both with vibrant imagery and healing notes that can repair one’s energy.

The future plans for her enterprise include having one big space that provides a wide variety of healing methods: Tarot/Oracle readings, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, massages, and sound healing, while incorporating a shop that has all the essential materials. “I know it will take me quite some time to get to this point; for now I’ll stick with readings and build my knowledge of different methods. I’m very excited to see where this takes me.”

Be sure to visit @lyssreadscards on Instagram and contact Alyssa via DM for your own Tarot/Oracle reading, and tap into your inner wisdom and subconscious mind.