ASC Tutoring is Now in Session


Few of Sahuaro’s lovely teachers

Paula Le, Reporter

Is online school just not it this year? Are your classes burning you out? No matter how much you give it your all in school, it’s just not enough to meet the standards. Practically everyone is in the same boat to be honest.

Luckily for Sahuaro’s Cougars, the school is offering tutoring for students. Yes! Tutoring. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Is going to tutoring worth it?’ Quite frankly, yes. 2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and having to attend classes just adds more weight to the plate.

Dr. Collingwood is the founder and the backbone of ASC, so he’s consistently involved. ASC stands for “Academic Study Clinic” which came to be when a group of teachers who taught summer school together came together two years ago. English teacher Ms. Good said, “We discussed ways in which we could do more to support students academically, while also working to establish a more general community and culture of learning at Sahuaro.” That kids is how ASC came to be…over their yummy lunchtime break.

“Don’t give up on yourself or your classes, even if you ended up failing a class (or more) this first semester. Feeling unmotivated is a normal response to this situation, but unfortunately, life doesn’t stop when things get tough so we must adapt and grow…If your teachers know that you’re struggling and why, they will be able and willing to help you. We are all in this occupation because we care about you and want you to succeed, but you have to take initiative to reach out and do your work to the best of your ability,” Ms. Good expressed when asked what message would you give to students who want to give up on their grades. Many of SHS staff members understand that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges are presented. One must know that there are teachers and adults who are here to support you as you’re growing right now and in the future.

Tutoring is available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30  to 5:30 p.m via Zoom. No need to stay the entire time given, and you can join the tutoring session whenever is convenient for you. Get help from Sahuaro teachers and mentor students, like Dr. Collingwood, Mr. Mack, Mrs. Stedman, Ariana Rodriguez, and many others. Students are able to speak to more than one teacher on different subjects or have one on one tutoring in breakout rooms.

Do take advantage of all the tutoring opportunities available before the semester ends. ASC Tutoring will be offered when the second semester starts in January as well.

Want to join? Meeting ID:83220562837 or click here.


If you have more questions regarding ASC Tutoring, please contact Ms. Good or Dr. Collingwood.

[email protected]

[email protected]